May 1st
8:18 PM

Complete List Of Brittana Trends (Updated)

  1. Brittany Loves Santana (Nov 28th)
  2. Santana Makes Brittany Smile (Dec 1st)
  3. Brittana Is Something Special (Dec 6th)
  4. Stop Double Standards On Glee (Dec 6th)
  5. Brittana (Dec 6th)
  6. Faberry Shippers Support Brittana Fandom (Dec 7th)
  7. We Love Brittana (Dec 7th)
  8. Brittana Are Soulmates (Dec 8th)
  9. Happy Brittanaversary (Dec 9th)
  10. Brittana Actually (Dec 13th)
  11. Santana Stop The Wedding (Dec 13th)
  12. All I Want For Christmas Is Brittana (Dec 18th)
  13. Brittana Till The End (Dec 21st)
  14. 2013 Brittana Reunion (Dec 30th)
  15. 2013 Is Brittana Year (Jan 3rd)
  16. Brittana Are Meant To Be (Jan 8th)
  17. Never Give Up On Brittana (Jan 11th)
  18. Brittana In NYC (Jan 15th)
  19. Brittana Is Not A Joke (Jan 18th)
  20. Keep Calm And Love Brittana (Jan 21st)
  21. Brittana Is Always On (Jan 22nd)
  22. Brittana Is Our Glee (Jan 29th)
  23. Santana Always Believes In Brittany (Jan 31st)
  24. Brittana Belong Together (Feb 4th)
  25. Team Brittana (Feb 8th)
  26. Brittana Are More Than BFF (Feb 8th)
  27. Brittana Heart Anniversary (Feb 14th)
  28. Wrong Blonde Santana (Feb 14th)
  29. We <3 Brittana (Feb 20th)
  30. Brittana Together In NYC (Feb 26th)
  31. Brittana Are Infinite (Feb 28th)
  32. Brittany In NYC With Santana (Mar 6th)
  33. With Brittana (Mar 8th) - derp
  34. Free Brittany From Lima (Mar 11th)
  35. Brittany And Santana In NYC (Mar 13th)
  36. Brittana Duet Come To Our Windows (Mar 14th)
  37. Brittana Just Give Me A Reason (Mar 17th)
  38. We Miss Brittana (Mar 18th)
  39. Brittana Is Important To Us (Mar 20th) 
  40. Romantic Brittana Duet (Mar 22nd)
  41. Brittany Loves Santana (Mar 24th)
  42. Reunite Brittana (Mar 25th)
  43. Let Brittana Talk (Mar 27th)
  44. Only Brittana (Mar 28th)
  45. More Brittana Scenes (Mar 30th)
  46. Brittana Is A Real Relationship (Apr 2nd)
  47. Team Brittana (Apr 11th)
  48. We Really Miss Brittana (Apr 13th)
  49. Waiting For Brittana (Apr 23rd)
  50. We Want The Brittana Wedding (May 1st)
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